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Courses Offered

Courses For Every Student:

With Pearson Connexus, We can meet the needs of every learner right where they are.

Core courses: Core courses are standards-based courses in which students work independently and sequentially through the courses guided by both system- and teacher-generated feedback and grading.

Foundations courses: Foundations courses are standards-based adjusted to give students greater support on core concepts and provide additional practice and review. Advanced courses: Advanced courses are comprised of Advanced Placement (AP®), honors, and gifted and talented courses


Elective courses: Elective courses are sequential, standards-based courses that provide students with opportunities to extend their learning in areas of interest or focus. Elective offerings span multiple subject areas, such as the arts, STEM, world languages, and Career Technology Education (CTE). CTE electives may focus on a variety of career clusters and/or pathways.


Instructional services:

With Pearson, “online” doesn't mean “on your own.” You can lead this transformation, and we're here to support you. Our instructional services will help your students thrive in an online learning environment. What does this support look like? Certified online teachers and Live Tutor.