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Horizon High School

Principal,  Kristen Hurt
Counselor, Megan Callahan
Secretary, Sue Wroblewski

March 12, 2021


Hello Horizon Students and Families,


We are excited to announce that the Hamtramck Board of Education approved Horizon High School students to return for part-time in-person learning starting on Monday, April 19th. 


A survey will be sent out to all of our families the week of March 15th, asking for all families to make a choice between remaining virtual for the foreseeable future or returning to our building for up to four (4) half-days of in-person learning each week.


For families opting to return to in-person learning on April 19th, students will be in the building Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM – 1:10 PM.   1:40 – 2:10 will be reserved for a virtual, asynchronous seminar, which will take place off campus.


What if I want to remain virtual? All students have the option to remain virtual.


What will the in-person instruction look like? Depending on the number of families who opt for in-person learning, students will be offered either two days or four days of In-person instruction. In-person instruction will look very similar to virtual instruction. In-person students will be required to bring their laptop to the building every day and will participate in the same instructional sessions as virtual students. Each class period will consist of a teacher who is instructing students who are both in-person and virtual.


What safety protocols will be in place? All students and staff will be required to wear masks at all times while in the building. Social distancing of 6-feet will be in place outside and inside of the classroom, the hallways and while entering and exiting the building. A limit will be placed on the number of people allowed in each classroom, which varies by room depending on the size of each classroom.  Furthermore, we will be checking temperatures and asking health and safety screening questions to everyone who enters the building.


What will lunch look like? Students who are in-person will have the option to grab a to-go lunch on their way out of the building when they dismiss for the day at 1:10 pm.


What will the daily schedule look like on Monday-Thursday? There will be an adjustment made to the daily schedule starting the week that we return from spring break on Monday, April 5th. 

The Monday-Thursday schedule will be shifted so that synchronous, direct instruction ends at 1:10 pm.   The last period of the day, Seminar, will become asynchronous.  Students may reach out to teachers for additional support, work on assignments etc.. 


Monday thru Thursday


9:00 - 10:20   1st hour

10:25 -11:45   2nd hour

11:50 - 1:10     3rd hour 


What about Fridays? Friday office hours will remain unchanged, where students attend seminar in the morning and check-in with teachers virtually for office hour sessions and additional support. There will be no in-person option on Fridays.




Seminar - 9:00 - 9:30 am followed by office hours until 12:20


Will transportation be provided for students returning to the building? Yes, bussing will be available to our students who return to the building.


How will students stay safe during passing time in the hallways? In order to minimize hallway traffic and allow for social distancing, passing time will be extended and student passing times will be staggered.


What other changes will be implemented to increase safety? Students will not be permitted to bring backpacks into the building. Students should only bring their school-issued laptops and headphones to the building with them each day. No lockers will be allowed to be used at this time.

We are looking forward to continued success with your family.  We view this transition back into the building for those families who wish to make this move as the first step. For those who wish to remain virtual, we will continue to offer all of the first-class educational opportunities that we have throughout this school year.



Mrs. Kristen Hurt

Horizon High School