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Dear Hamtramck Families,

           Thank you for partnering with Hamtramck Public Schools to ensure that your students receive the best education during these tough times. Per Governor Whitmore, school will be closed the remainder of the year, however at Hamtramck Public Schools, learning never stops! The following letter will outline our support measures while we are learning from home. As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  

3rd - 12th Grade

Family: Your child’s teacher and administrators will be posting suggestions for things to do at home through Google Classroom, emails, and social media, so keep an eye out for extension ideas. 

Study: In addition, students in this grade band will be using Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a digital student workspace that allows your student to share their learning with the classroom teacher. Teachers will be assigning learning and students will be uploading work in 

Google Classroom. Teachers will be able to see student work online and give feedback on each assignment. 

Here is a link to the Classroom Codes

Click here and watch a video explaining how to login to Google Classroom 

Click here and watch a video explaining how to access your student email

Click here to watch launching videos

Tech Support Hotline: (313) 305-6976 (8am - 4pm)

Classroom Community: 3-5 Times a week, your child will receive a Google Meet link requesting his or her presence. During the prescribed time with a teacher, your son or daughter will be available to ask questions, receive extra support, check-in with other classmates, and build an understanding of the coursework. 

At Hamtramck Public schools, it is our goal for students to develop strong skills and strategies that will be carried forward into their college and career years. We believe instruction starts at home, and parent support is the key to reaching this goal. As educational partners, we encourage you to communicate with your child’s teacher regarding your son or daughter’s progress.

We look forward to working with you! 


Kristen Hurt, Principal at Horizon High School