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Welcome to Hamtramck High School! Students come to us from around the world to accomplish great things. Click on the video to learn more:

The Cosmos Honor Alumnus is selected each year by a group of graduating seniors to honor five individuals who have made a significant contribution to society through professional endeavors or through service to the community at large. Among many worthy candidates, the annual honoree is selected by a student committee as the individuals who best embodies the values and attributes held most dear by the senior class. The selected Honor Alumnus serves as the featured speaker at the annual Graduation. Students, school staff, family, friends, and community members are encouraged to submit nominations for individuals who graduated at least ten years prior to the current date. A nomination form can be found by clicking this link:  Add Google Form.  Nomination deadline for the 2021 Cosmos Honor Alumnus is November 28, 2019.
Principal Mr. Anthony Kiner
Assistant Principal Ms. Farqad Alfatlawy
Assistant Principal Mr. Scott Johnson
Athletic Director  Mr. Brian Anderson
Principal's Secretary Ms. Amal Mehtar
Assistant Principal's Secretary Ms. Titania Jordan
Assistant Principal's Secretary Ms. Bashair Aljabali
Counselor Ms. Colleen O'Donoghue
Counseling Secretary Ms. Dottie Sikula
Academic/Behavioral Interventionist Ms. Sonya Thomas
Academic/Behavior Interventionist Mr. Brandon Bush
Bookkeeper Ms. Loretta Oliver
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All guest must have a picture identification to enter the building.  The main entrance has a door bell with video.  Upon entering into the building you will be greeted by a Hamtramck Staff member.  They will ask to see your identification, purpose of visit and your student name if needed.  
If you are interacting with a student the staff member will match your identification with the students emergency contact list.  For safety purposes, if you are not on the emergency contact list or you do not have your identification of the student you will not be able to see the student.  
Current Schedule
List of staff member and extensions 
Student Drop off/ Pickup
Please do not block any of the doors in cases of emergency.  The curbs are painted yellow to make sure you notice the area.  
Visitor Parking
Visitors can park on the street and handicap parking is available between the community center and the high school.  It can be accessed by Charest Street. 
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