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Director of Special Services:

Menhem Aouad, Director - Ext. 2037
Kathleen Hyde - Administrative Assistant - Ext. 2038

The Hamtramck Department of Special Services Overview
The Hamtramck Department of Special Services is responsible for providing services to children with disabilities aged 0-26 years of age.  If appropriate, interventions and supports can occur as early as birth and last throughout a child’s educational career.  Children 0 to 2 years of age are referred to the department through EARLY ON referrals, via hospitals, social service agencies, Wayne County Intermediate School District, or any person who suspects a child may have a disability.  In order for the child to be evaluated, the parent(s) must prove residency through our residency and attendance department.  Once residency is proven, the Department of Special Services will forward the referral to Grosse Pointe Public Schools who will send a team to the house where the child resides to conduct an evaluation. Evaluations re conducted after the parent provides written consent to evaluate.  Upon completion of the evaluation, an Individualized Family Service Plan (I.F.S.P.) will be convened to review evaluation data and determine eligibility for special services.  If eligible, Grosse Pointe Public Schools  will either send team members into the home to work with the child and family ( 1 to 2 days a week) or also provide in school instruction which is usually 1 day a week. 

Children served by Grosse Pointe Public Schools through Early On program, must transition to an I.E.P prior to the child's third birthday. Children who are 3 years of age or older must also prove residency.  However, the Hamtramck Public Schools diagnostic team will do the evaluation and recommend any services at the I.E.P. meeting once testing is completed.  During the mandatory school years (6 and on) classroom teachers are provided assistance to support children suspected of having a disability through the Intervention Team Meeting process (ITM).  During this process, time is set aside so the principal, teacher, parent, resource room teacher, and any other staff involved can review data collected by the teacher(s) regarding the child’s deficit areas.  The team will work through progressive tiers using data driven interventions (1 meaning general education instruction, 2 meaning small group instruction, and 3 meaning additional tutorial support) to remediate the child’s deficit areas.  Once the team has exhausted their efforts to support the child in the deficit areas using implementation fidelity in the classroom, a Child Study meeting is called to request a complete evaluation and receive written consent to evaluate from the parent/guardian.  When the evaluation is complete, the team will convene an I.E.P. meeting to review evaluation data, determine whether the child meets eligibility requirements for special education, and develop individualized programs and services.  Parents who directly want to request testing for their child should utilize the contact information below.

The Department of Special Services also provides 504 services for students who are in need of accommodations and modifications to be successful in school. 

If you have any questions or require information regarding referrals or programming of your child please contact the Director of the Department of Special Services at (313) 892-2037.  Transportation questions should be directed to Kathleen Hyde at (313) 892-2038.

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