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Budget and Transparency Reporting

School Year 2021-2022

Section: 1: Budget, Deficit Elimination Plan, Audit

1. Budgets

2. Deficit Elimination Plan — Hamtramck Public Schools did not incur a deficit during the 2020-21 Fiscal Year.
3. Audit:

Section 2:  Expenditure Summary Chart

Section 3:  Sections 3a and 3b:  List of Collective Bargaining Agreement and Health Care Plans

3a) Collective Bargaining Agreements

3b) Employer-Sponsor Health Care Plan
3b) HPS PA106 Marketing Result
Section 4:  Benefits and Salary of Superintendent and employees greater than $100,000

Section 5:  Miscellaneous

Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying - Not Applicable ($0)
There was no out of state travel during 2020-21.
Section 6