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Computer Repair and Support

Community members will be able to visit outside of Room 123 at Hamtramck High School on the corner of Gallagher and Casmere to receive support with district issued devices.
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Letter To Hamtramck Public Schools Families

We are honored that you have chosen Hamtramck Public Schools. We are working hard to meet your family’s needs. Recently, we sent out a parent survey asking for your feedback; based on that data and the progress of students; we are going to make a change to our schedule
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Food Distribution Changes

Please be advised that the food distribution site for Early Childhood Elementary will be combined with Hamtramck High School until further notice. In order to pick up the breakfast and lunch meals you will need to go to Hamtramck High School. Please be advised that in addition,

Holbrook’s’ food distribution will be moved to Tau Beta School. The new food distribution hours will be from 9:30AM to 12:45PM for all sites.
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MDHHS Epidemic Order

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued this order under a law first enacted by the Michigan Legislature after the Spanish Flu of 1918, specifically to deal with epidemics.
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Statement from Superintendent Ahmed

Hamtramck Public Schools is thankful to the community for its recent support of the Wayne RESA millage. With the passing of the millage, districts around the county - including ours – will have access to additional resources that promote safety, prepare students for jobs, and provide world-class programming opportunities for both special and general education students
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Parent Communication 10/05/2020

Dear HPS Families,

With the first few weeks of school now behind us, we all have begun to find our routines and best practices. I have been impressed and energized by the way our students, families, teachers and staff have responded to this unique situation. It’s important to remember that learning every day is essential to our students, so I encourage our families to make sure their child is attending their classes and completing assignments. Each day there are many wonderful examples of creativity, innovation and determination from the HPS community and it is truly inspiring.
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