Read by Third Grade Law

Read by Grade 3

Since I was an ELD Director, my team and I have been working closely with families prior to the Read by Third Grade Law.  In 2018, we had Family Literacy Month in November, we shared information with families in various languages regarding at that time the bill.  We reviewed the students in the early grades and targeted intervention supports for students. 

In addition, the district conducted various sessions dedicated to share the information regarding the Read by Third Grade Law with parents. We have over 80% of our students being English learners, so I have been vocal about this law and expressed concerns to our senators, representatives, state superintendent and governor, being a huge disservice to our students and also not being a cost effective measure. Retention is very costly for school districts and does not support our students to become successful. This law is similar to what was implemented in Florida.  This law did not show gains for Florida students as a matter of fact retention hurt the students living in poverty.
We are fortunate to have Dr. Rice, State Superintendent who has stated that "retention is not good for kids" and Governor Whitmer who does not support retaining students.  The Parent Engagement Team, curriculum team and literacy team all work closely with our families to empower them and we will exercise due diligence when it comes to doing what is right for each student. We have waivers for our students, interventions, portfolios and we are studying the root causes before we make any decision about retaining students.

Research does not support retention practices and Hamtramck Public Schools is committed to understanding the needs of our students and providing targeted interventions to ensure that students are successful. 

Read more about the changes here:
3rd grade letter_Ahmed.pdf

Jaleelah Hassan Ahmed
Superintendent of Schools

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